Children's Storybooks by Alixandra Mullins

Author of Children's Picture Books.

* as of June 2020 Alix is studying in an  MFA program, for Children's Picture Book Writing & Illustration  ** Look for more storybooks in the future, once I eventually graduate! **

**All art purchases on my artist website & Apparel website are currently going towards Grad school tuition ** 

Check out my Children's Storybook Illustration Folio here;

My first printed children's picture book, The Magic Forest, is currently available at the link below; This one is self-published by me   & I created this book when my first child was born, over 10 years ago, as more of a personal project for my son & I. 


To purchase: Click on the Magic Forest title page image below, or visit

The Magic Forest

Pages from "The Magic Forest"

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