Underwater Castle

About Alix: Alixandra Mullins is a professional artist, as well as a photographer, children's book author & graphic artist who lives on the Central Coast in the Redwoods, near the beach with her family. Alixandra Mullins has been a digital media creator and professional graphic artist for over a decade, though this website primarily showcases her FINE ART COLLECTION & is for selling artist prints. Using digital media & fine art tools, Alixandra has created a wide variety of digital media projects & mixed media art pieces ranging from art for greeting cards, art for puzzles, Cover art for books & CDs, and canvas art sold world-wide.

Artist Statement: My art is an extension of my innermost dreams, visions and soulful connection to the Universe. I combine my original paintings, drawings, graphics and photography using a form of collage to create my final images. My final images are printed on canvas, stretched and than coated with a variety of acrylic mediums, and painted glazes. Painting & Drawing allows me to see clearly a vision in my mind's eye. Travel and Photographing in different places gives rise to creative daydreaming, possibilities of what could happen fill my mind... Frozen moments in time that, captured by my camera, mixed together with other moments and musings, help create an artistic doorway for me, from the real world to my inner daydreams... -Alixandra

About the Artwork on this website: The Mixed Media Collage artwork of Alixandra Mullins, is a combination of a variety of artist mediums. My original paintings, drawings and original photography are combined, along with my graphic art into a final artistic piece. Digital Tools allow me to cut & paste from my different visual art forms, instead of using scissors & glue, to achieve a seamless effect. Each art piece generally contains between 5-10 of my original photographs, traditional hand paintings and sketched drawings along with my graphic artist specialty touches, the different elements of each picture is cut out and combined together to create a multi-layered composition which becomes the new piece of artwork. Final artwork is printed on heavy canvas, hand stretched and than hand-painted with acrylic gel mediums and glazes. Original matted artist prints on fine art photographic papers also available.

If you are on the California central coast,

Alix also offers fine art portraiture. You can visit her portrait studio website at: http://alixartphotography.com 

Would you like to commission artwork for a custom book cover or musical album? Visit http://alixartdesign.com

Redwood Paradise
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